The "Queen" of Santiago

     Atop the highest point of the city sits the “protector” of Santiago.  This huge statue of the virgin Mary is a stark reminder of the spiritual darkness found in Chile.  Millions of people daily direct their prayers to statues (idols) of Mary or other saints.  Please pray that God will open the blinded eyes of these precious people.

Lori and the Baby

As most of you know, Lori is due to give birth to a little boy around the 14th of January.  Please be praying that all goes well during these last weeks of the pregnancy. Be sure to check back during the first few weeks of January for updates about the new baby!

Urgent about Urgent Need

Urgent Need Update! Thank you all for your prayers and offerings we have received thus far for the land purchase here in Santiago.  Over $20,000.00 has been promised!!  But we still have a long way to go, and a short time to get there.  We have several new developments to share as well.   This