Update on new church plant

Update on Liberty Baptist Church in Padre Hurtado As many of you know, we asked you to pray with us about a new church plant we had scheduled for this fall (spring in South America).  After 6 weeks of searching for a house or building to rent, we finally found an ideal place.  As we

Website crash

New computer server = no problems After some major server issues, biblicalmissions.com and chilechurchplanting.com are back up and running!!  You should begin receiving regular updates again from our family and ministry. Some online gifts were NOT processed During our crash, several Chile Church Planting gifts were not processed.  If you gave online, but have not seen

4 days left – last call

Earlier this month, we launched our Chile Church Planting campaign with a new video and revamped webpage.  Our goal was to answer your questions.  Many had asked how they could be more intimately involved in church planting.  So, we shared our plan. Your response MANY have written with genuine interest in partnering with our Chilean