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Earlier this month, we launched our Chile Church Planting campaign with a new video and revamped webpage.  Our goal was to answer your questions.  Many had asked how they could be more intimately involved in church planting.  So, we shared our plan.

Your response

MANY have written with genuine interest in partnering with our Chilean pastors to plant more churches!  Hundreds of people have seen the Chile Church Planting video.  Countless others have commented, emailed, and shared this opportunity on social media.  Thank you!!

Last call

If you would like to be a part of this project, now is the time to act.  We only have 4 days left in our September campaign.  It only takes 3 minutes to setup your monthly gift with our online giving option.

Thank you

We are doing all we can to start more churches and train more Chileans for the ministry!  We need your help.  Thank you for praying and giving.  You are making an eternal difference in Chile.