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How does this plan look day to day?

How do we prepare these church planters?  In 2009, we started the Chile Baptist College to prepare church planters.  Each student attends 8 semesters of classes to earn their Bachelor in Biblical Studies and Church Planting degree.

How do these young men get experience in the ministry?  Every student in the Chile Baptist College is actively working in church planting while attending the Bible college.  Most of them accepted Christ in a church plant and are now assisting their pastors to launch more churches.  Many are preaching and leading ministries each week.  This approach to training is definitely hands-on.

When do the young preachers start their first church?  Most students are actively planting a church by their junior or senior year in the Bible college!

How long do they need financial support?  Our goal is to assist these young men financially for 36 months.  This temporary support will allow each church planter to work full time in the ministry while growing a local congregation.  During this time, his support from Chile Church Planting will decrease as the offerings from the new local church increase.  By the end of the 36 month period, he will be fully supported by the Chilean church.

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