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Baptism Fe Cristian

Question: What role do the Chilean churches play in Chile Church Planting.

Answer: The lead role

As missionaries, our focus is to train Chileans to reach their own people with the gospel.  We are coaches, not the players on the field.  Our principle task is to train and facilitate their work.  A missionary’s success is measured by what the nationals continue doing after he is gone.  Our goal in Chile is to establish a church planting movement that is led and funded by Chileans.

Chile Church Planting only helps accelerate the church planting process in the initial stages of the ministry in Chile.  Currently, the Chileans fund about 25% of the new projects!  As our current churches continue to grow (remember, most of them are less than 3-4 years old!), they’ll be able to give more.

Cristian Alarcon, pictured above, is the pastor of the church we started back in 2005.  His church gives hundreds of dollars a month to help fund church planting.  Our goal is to train many more pastors like him.

Thank you for partnering with us to make this possible!