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car accident

On Saturday afternoon I left my home to go preach a youth meeting at Life Baptist Church in Santiago, Chile.  Little did I know, I would never arrive to church that day.  While traveled down a four lane highway at about 50 mph, an ambulance ran a red light and hit the front end of my little hatchback sending it nearly 30 yards over a median and into another street. I was knocked unconscious at the moment of impact and awoke in the back of an ambulance with a neck brace and IV.  Ironically, the same ambulance that hit my car, was now attending me!  Soon after, another ambulance arrived to take me to the hospital.  A CAT scan and several X-rays revealed there were no major injuries!

During the lapse between the accident and the tests, dozens of people began to pray.  There is no doubt, that God answered your prayers!  Praise Jesus for His protection!  We are incredibly thankful to have friends and family around the world who have called, written, and prayed during this time.  Thank you for your love!