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After last week’s post “we are building“, several have asked about the financial details of the project.

Land and Building Project

Due to a few unexpected expenses in the last couple of months, we now need $15,670 to finish the building and make the last payment on the land.

National Pastor Project

Also, the pastor of this church plant is part of our “20 month plan”.  We have developed a plan to help this pastor and his local church become independent and autonomous.  Over 20 months, the pastor’s salary will be gradually lowered as the Chilean local church assumes this responsibility.  This gradual process creates a feasible plan for all involved.  Read more about the 20 month plan and the Chilean pastor’s testimony.

We need $4,120 to fund this pastor’s “20 month plan”.

Would you like to be involved?

If you would like more information about how to give, send me an email.  Thanks for praying with us about this opportunity!

If you have more questions, leave them below in the comment section.