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God Provides 250K in 250 Days

    On May 15th, the final commitments and gifts came into the mission office just in time for the 3rd and final payment for the Chile Training Center property! We have now completed all the legal documents to finalize the purchase, coordinated all 27 needed signatures for those documents, made the final payment, and dropped everything off at the local courthouse to have the property officially changed over to our name – free and clear!
    What a wonderful story of God’s grace and of God’s people banding together to pray, sacrifice, and give to build up a training center for national pastors. 

   The Chile Training Center has had a part in training young men who are already serving in 10 local churches in Chile. God willing, this is only the first chapter of His story in Chile!

Thank You!

Our family, along with the other missionary families we serve with in Chile and the Chilean believers scattered throughout Chile, wants to thank you from the depths of our hearts. Thank you for praying. Thank you for believing in the ministry God is doing in Chile. Thank you for investing in the training for our people. The key to reaching Chile with the gospel continues to be through the training of nationals. 
  Because of your prayers and your gifts, you will continue to have a part in the fruit in Chile for decades to come. Thank you!