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Tomorrow we’re launching our newest Sunday School class – Fishers of men – 10-11 year olds!!!  We now have 8 Sunday School classes at the church!  Little by little we’re doing our best to reach this community! Pray that all will go well tomorrow with the launch of the new kids’ class.  

Here’s the break-down of our 8 classes:

1. Nursery – birth-1 year

2. “Missionaries of tomorrow” 2-3 year olds

3. “God’s little sheep” 4-6 year olds

4. “David’s Valiant Followers” 7-9 year olds

5. “Fishers of men” 10-11 year olds

6. Young teens – 12-14 year olds

7. Teens – 15 and older (singles)

8. Adults